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East Kingdom Law - PDF document; updated January 26, 2014
Governing Documents of the SCA
Previous versions of East Kingdom Law
July 2013
January 2013
September 2012
January 2012
November 2011
August 2011
May 2011
February 2011
June 2010
January 2010
July 2009
January 2009
August 2008


East Kingdom Seneschal's Handbook
Society Seneschal's Kingdom Seneschals' Handbook
SCA Media Policy
EK Financial Policies
EK Postal Code Policy
EK Waiver Policy

Territory - Regions and Local Groups

Zip codes held by local groups (Excel spreadsheet)
Map showing Northern, Central, Southern, & Western Regions
Map of local groups in Crown Principality of Tir Mara

Branch Polling Templates

Single Choice Template
Polling for Baron/ess - allows selection of just one candidate (or couple)
Multiple Choice Template
Polling for Baron/ess - allows ranked selection of all candidates
Branch Status Change
To poll for a change of Branch Status

Event Related Documents

Waivers and Sign-in Sheets
Pennsic Autocrat (Mayor) Bid Packet
Kingdom Event Bid form (includes bid deadlines):
HTML page (printable)
Microsoft Excel
Form designed by Master Rupert the Unbalanced

Quarterly Report Forms

Crown Principality of Tir Mara
Northern Region
Central Region
Southern Region
New Groups
(These are Microsoft Word documents. Use tab to move from field to field, and 'X' to fill in checkboxes. You may have to enable macros for the forms to function properly: "Tools > Macros > Security")
Forms designed by Baron Duncan Mac na Ceardadh and Master Dorio of the Oaks

SCA Insurance

A copy of the Evidence of Insurance Certificate can be requested by emailing your Regional Seneschal.

Information about Insurance from the Seneschal's Handbook (see pages 22-24)
Insurance Ordering instructions
About Equestrian Insurance certificates

Background Checks

Background Check Authorization
Fair Credit Reporting Act

East Kingdom Membership Numbers (by Group)

Census - March 2013
Census - January 2011
Census - June 2010
Census - January 2010

Other Documents

New Groups Packet (Excel spreadsheet)

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